Marinade for Grilled Salmon

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I read Derf's "Spiced Salmon" recipe (#137983) with interest since it also uses chutney as I do, but we prefer our salmon grilled w/the smoky, lime flavor of this marinade. I use the marinade all day & then reserve it to use for a sauce I make while my DH grills the salmon. We love this & the combination of the salmon & the marinade sauce has been a big hit with our friends.

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  1. Combine all marinade ingredients in large plastic bag, add salmon fillets & marinate for 6-8 hrs before grilling.
  2. While salmon grills, transfer marinade to small saucepan by pressing through a sieve. This allows the bulk & flavors of the garlic & chutney to join the sauce without making it chunky.
  3. Over low to medium heat only, add cream cheese & incorporate it into the sauce until you reach your desired consistency.
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This made a glistening glaze for our slab of fresh Sockeye. The only downside is that the marinade was so spectacular that we would have hoped for its flavors to show up more on the finished product. As it was, fantastic.

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Absolutely delish! What a fantastic flavor this marinade imparts to the salmon and we loved the sauce as well. We are not big fish eaters, but we do love a great grilled salmon and this dish did not disappoint. My DD and her DH love salmon so I plan to make this dish for them very soon and of course, I plan to share the recipe as well. : )

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Spectacular results with very little effort. I marinated the salmon for 24 hours, as I made this during the week. DH cooked the salmon on the barbeque, which gave us a crusty outside & very moist, succulent flesh. Lesson learned: don't use lite cream cheese, as it's part cottage cheese & I ended up with little white specks through the sauce - we didn't care, as it tasted soooo good. Made for Aus/NZ Recipe Swap #11 Dec 2007. Thanks twissis for sharing this wonderful recipe that I'm sure we'll eat time & time again.