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Great recipe, but I do make changes to this. I worked my way through undergrad as a waitress, so I know that at the rest. they use chicken stock somewhere, because I had to tell vegetarians about that when I waited on them. So, I boil the potatoes and veggies in chicken stock. I pour most of the liquid out when I puree, and I think this might solve the "too thin" problem described by the other reviewer. I also don't puree everything because the real thing has some pretty good size potato chunks in it.

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ginafarrar November 29, 2008

The soup is delicious. Thankfully I did read the reviews prior. Definately save some potatoes and only use enough liquid to puree the potatoes, celery, and onion. Also, I added about 3 more cups of cheese as suggested. Great for a cold night like today. Thank you everyone for your suggestions.

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JPEKA November 20, 2010

I used some other reviewers suggestions and got a very good result. With some more tweaking it could go five stars. My recommendations: 1. Wilt/saute the veggies in the pot with butter/olive oil before throwing in the potatoes to simmer. 2. Simmer potatoes/veggies in stock (chicken or vegatable) rather than water. 3. Use ONLY enough stock *to cover*, and just barely. 4. Pour off most of the liquid and reserve before putting in the blender. Adjust soup's thickness by stirring liquid back in at the very end. 5. Puree 1/4 to 1/3 potatoes to silky fine texture. Leave the rest chunky 6. Cut butter and half-and-half in half! It just dulls the veggie taste and makes you fat to boot! This lesser amount should still make the cheese blend well (you need the milk fat). 7. MORE CHEESE. I used four cups and could have used six. Forget the butter/cream and splurge on CHEESE! Good luck!

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ttcherrick March 12, 2010

I have made this recipe many times. I follow it as written except for adding chunks of potato at the end. I have never had a problem with it being too thin at all, I just barely cover the vegetables with water when cooking and have never had that much liquid left. This soup is wonderfully rich and creamy, good potato flavor, cheese does not overpower. Tastes as I remember it at Marie Callender's.

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lorihoney February 19, 2013

DON'T make this recipe without substantial changes. It's a terrible recipe. First off you sautee the onions and celery -- add some finely chopped carrot and some garlic as well. It's in the restaurant's soup and part of the reason the real thing is so yellow. USE CHICKEN STOCK just barely to cover all the veggies. Don't use water and definitely not that much water. Do not puree the whole thing -- the real thing has chunks of potato in it. Blitz with an immersion blender briefly. I would not freeze this -- the texture will be awful.

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tracieknits December 02, 2012

Wonderful, simple, no-frills potato soup. I used half the amount of butter and added extra cheese. I used my immersion blender to puree, but I did leave some chunks remain for texture. The fresh parlsey garnish was nice; I think cilantro would work well, too. Thanx!

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*Parsley* May 24, 2012

I love this recipe! I miss having a Marie Callender's restaurant in our home town. We loved their potato soup so I was thrilled to find the recipe so we could enjoy it again! It's SO EASY and TASTY!! I sauted the celery and onion in butter then added the potatoes and boiled it with chicken stock and just enough water to cover the potatoes. I stirred it to break up the potato pieces to chowder consistency, then added milk, salt, and the cheese. Turned out great!

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MM2580 January 12, 2012

I am wondering if the chef left out part of the instructions--do we or do we not drain off the water that the potatoes are boiled in? The soup was much thinner than the soup I remember at Marie Callender's. I had partially drained the water, since the instructions weren't clear about that. I didn't have 4 cups of celery, so substituted 2 cups of grated carrots for the other 2 cups of celery. I left some chunks in the potatoes. Tasty with seasoned salt on top, but I would like to try making it again and drain ALL the water. I would also add more cheese.

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sandra October 05, 2009

This recipe is very similar to the restaurant but to make it less thin, I always put 1/4 the soup into the blender and the rest I use a potato masher to stir vigorously the soup to make it a thick, creamy consistency but make sure you don't mash all the potatoes or you'll just have cheesy veggie mashed potatoes! It turns out much better this way and if you add a couple more sprinkles of cheese!! Good luck!

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CookinWithLove February 06, 2009

This was ok but very thin. I ended up adding another 4 cups of potatoes and still very thin. I also had to add more salt and cheese. Maybe I did something wrong but I wont be making this again.

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Angelbb February 06, 2008
Marie Callender's Potato Cheese Soup