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"Labour of Love" is the correct name for this recipe! However it was well worth it! This is my father's favourite dessert and each year he stops at an Italian deli/bakery to have this baked for his birthday specially - his birthday is Feb 16, so its not too far off from Easter. However this year I wanted to make it for him - and found your recipe. He said it was delicious - even better than the store, plus I loved it as i am not a fan of citron and was able to omit it. Thank you so much for sharing your Grandmother's Recipe!

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Janeen11 February 17, 2008

I adore Pastiera!! I agree it is a lot of work but it's worth every bit of the labour, or as you rightly called it, "labour of love"!! Your nonna Maria must have been a true Napolitana!! Here in Rome precooked wheat (grano) in a jar is readily available and I have never tried with dried wheat from scratch... this must be tried one day, it may be even better!! When we make our pastiera crust we use lard (strutto) instead of butter. It gives a full bodied texture and flavour. Also if you can find it, try this with ricotta di pecora (ricotta made with sheep milk, instead of cow). Its extra creaminess really makes a difference. :-)

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dolcetta46 June 08, 2007
Maria's Easter (Wheat) Pie/"Pastiera di Grano"