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These are delicious, rich and gooey like a good pecan pie. The maple syrup doesn't shout maple at you (which is good cause I'm not a big maple fan) but gives it a nuance that you wouldn't get with plain corn syrup. I would increase the vanilla as a personal preference - I usually do this when making pecan pie. The shortbread crust is very rich, which makes these cookies perfect for the tea table cut into small squares. I think pecan pie is the easiest pie to make, if your craving that and don't want mess with pie crust go with these cookies. I baked the cookies in a 9x13 pyrex dish - started to use the parchment, but it was annoying, so I just sprayed the dish and put the dough in without it, they came out very easily and cleanly, so save your parchment for dishes that need it. This recipe is simple enough for beginner cooks or kids to turn out a delightful treat that seems much more complicated then it is. Thanks Sam for another great recipe. Made for Please Review My Recipe Tag April 09

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momaphet April 27, 2009

These bars are easy to make & delicious! I love the maple syrup flavor with the pecans - Yummy. Will be a favorite any time of the year.

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Oscar11 March 29, 2015

Definitely a crowd pleaser! I made these for a potluck, and they were gobbled up! I baked them in an ungreased 9x13 pyrex dish with no parchment paper, and they popped out just fine. I only roasted the pecans for 5 minutes. (I tried 10 minutes at first, and ended up burning the pecans, so I had to scrap them, and roast a new bunch. 5 minutes was perfect for me.) I really like a deep maple flavor, so I added a tsp of maple extract, and a Tbsp of good bourbon for some depth. Amazing!!! Thanks for a fantastic recipe, Sam!

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purpleyeris December 21, 2014

Sam, this recipe is magnificant! I reduced it down to two servings since there is just the two of us here. I also took another reviewers suggestion and made it into a pie form. It puffs up while baking, but I had it on a cookie sheet, and we had cookies from the spill-over. Yummy! We will definitely be making this again, although Buddha wants me to drizzle chocolate sauce over top of his, I love it as is. A must try dessert! Thanks for posting. :)

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2Bleu April 20, 2008

Great recipe, Sam. The combination of the maple syrup with the pecans give this a different twist than most pecan bar recipes. I knew I would like it since I make a maple syrup pecan pie and prefer it over the other pecan pies. Thanks for a great recipe.

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Mary K. W. October 14, 2007
Margo's Maple Pecan Squares