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We did have an oops moment in that the timer did not go off and well the pizzas got a little overdone, we were doing 2 trays and shuffling them around during the cooking time to cook evenly but unfortunately the timer on the oven didn't beep and well they all got a little overdone . The only change I made on the pizzas was to dice the tomatoes and I used a tomato pesto sauce for the base but otherwise made as per recipe and the DM and I enjoyed but with garlic bread and side salad we could only get through one pizza between us. Thank you Chef Buggsy Mate, for Aussie/Kiwi Recipe Swap #79 August 2012.

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I'mPat August 16, 2013

Thanks to Pic A Chef 2012 I picked this recipe to try.

For this recipe I chose to use healthy bread, add chicken to ours.

We loved this recipe.

So easy to make.

After giving my review on this I realized I did not give this recipe the correct number of stars.

Great recipe to try.

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BLUE ROSE March 19, 2012
Margherita Pita Pizzas