Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

this is a very light and fluffy icing..It is like whipped cream but it does not need to be must beat the sugar and butter and Crisco for a full ten minutes..the HOT(not boiling) milk must be added VERY VERY slowly..about 1/8 of a cup at a time all the while beating it well...

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  1. beat for a full 10 minutes( very important) the following 3 ingredients: butter or margarine, crisco, granulated sugar (or use 1 cup packed brown sugar for a maple icing).
  2. heat milk in microwave till very hot (not boiling).
  3. while beating. add hot milk to sugar and butter mixture very slowly.(I mean about 1/8 of a cup at a time -- all the while beating it well --
  4. after all of the milk has been beaten in, beat in vanilla extract.
  5. this is delicious (the brown sugar icing is wonderful with chocolate cake especially good with butter pecan or spice cake).


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It's almost pointless to add another 5-star to this, but WOW! I will NEVER use any other icing ever. I made a minor error of beating butter crisco, adding the sugar after 10 mins. It gave the icing a bit of a grit but it was still off-the-wall good! I actually dripped the milk in very slowly because I didn't want it to break down as Roosie's did - Worked perfect for me! I'm gonna experiment with adding cocoa...hmmmm

AliciaGski August 17, 2012

Very good and very different from other icing. I used it on #69630 White Almond Sour Cream Wedding Cake (full recipe). It was a hit, people were convinced that I had bought the cake. I used brown sugar on the white cake... very yummy. I made 1 1/2 times the recipe, and had a little leftover. I recommend NOT refrigerating the icing because the flavours tend to separate, and changes the taste of the icing.

Ty's Kitchen October 09, 2006

This frosting is delicious, and I had no problem mixing.(Thanks for the great directions, Mare) Mine was not quite as firm as I thought it should be (my kitchen was warm), so I put it in the fridge, along with the cake, after I did a crumb coat. Big mistake! When I put more frosting on the cool cake, it tried to separate. The new glob of frosting would just slide around on top of the crumb coat, and small beads of liquid formed. So much for my pretty cake! I managed to frost it completely, but, boy is it ugly! It still tastes good, though. Whatever you do---don't refrigerate! (at least not until you've frosted the cake entirely) I'm sure my 73-year-old mother will get a kick out of this sad little birthday cake! I'll make this recipe again, but maybe it's not the frosting for Texas Summers.

AwShucks June 23, 2006

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