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Absolutely delicious! I used challah and blueberries rather than raisins (which I don’t like). I wasn’t sure what 35% cream meant, but I assumed it was something to do with fat content; I used reduced fat cream. These took me longer than 15 minutes to prepare, but they’d take less time if I were making the recipe a second time. The instructions were fantastically clear! Next time I make this, I’m planning to double the recipe and make it in a single dish – or maybe two! But for dinner guests, the individual puddings would look much nicer. A great blend of flavours, without being too sweet. Thank you so much, blucoat, for sharing this recipe. Everyone I served this to just loved it. I served it with a generous dollop of creamy Greek yoghurt.

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bluemoon downunder October 14, 2005
Marc Thuet's Individual Bread Puddings