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I love biscotti, although not as dry as it's supposed to be, since I usually just eat 'em rather than dunk 'em! And these are great tasting biscotti, even if I did make a few small changes in the way they're prepared! During their first baking I watched them, & kept them from spreading too much by pushing the sides of the logs back in (as I do with several other biscotti recipes) & then after cooling & slicing them, I stood the slices up rather than laying them down for the 2nd baking! Also baked them for a little less time than indicated the 2nd time around, so that they were pretty much dry, but not overly so! However it's done, though, these are, as I said, great tasting biscotti & the recipe is one I'll be happy to keep around! Thanks for sharing it! [Made & reviewed for one of my adoptees in the current round of Pick A Chef]

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Sydney Mike April 24, 2010

This biscotti turned out different than others I've made. The dough was more like cookie dough and difficult to work with. I wasn't able to shape the dough into logs until I added a bit more flour. I halved the recipe so maybe that caused the problem. The taste was still good. I think I may try to make marbled biscotti using a regular biscotti recipe then adding the chocolate.

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Rifka April 14, 2009
Marbled Biscotti