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Mapo Dofu has been one of my favorite dishes for almost 10 years; whether I was having it in Chengdu or at my favorite restaurant near home, it's always been a treat. This recipe captures much of the exquisite flavor and texture that the traditional dish has. Yes, you can use turkey (as Tumerica did here) or pork (the Chinese favorite) or chicken. There is a vegetarian version that replaces the chicken stock with vegetable stock and uses mushrooms and sliced eggplant to preserve the right mouth feel: slippery, almost oily, with the heat of the chili paste. This version doesn't use sichuan peppers, which give it the unique taste that makes Sichuan cuisine sparkle. If you can get them, by all means add them to the recipe, as well as 1-2 fresh hot chiles. Otherwise, this is a really good introduction to Sichuan flavor and a little more unusual Chinese cuisine. Great flavor and easy to do -- thanks for posting!

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Gandalf The White May 05, 2009

Love this dish! It is delicious and easy to make. I love to make it extra spicy.

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ajphoto March 30, 2009
Mapo Dofu: Spicy Tofu With Meat Sauce (Szechwan Style)