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First, I nearly ignored this recipe because I had never spatchcoked a chicken before and I thought it sounded too difficult. It wasn't. So don't let that put you off.

Second, the recipe was excellent. There are a lot of interesting flavours going on and the results were worth the effort. It made a very impressive dinner party dish. I cooked the sauce and topping earlier on and then let the chicken sit in a warm oven while we ate our starters. The sauce got a bit thick sitting on top of the stove, even with no additional heat, but it thinned to a nice consistency once I added the pan juices.

Third, I took the recipe at its word and used a fairly small pan to make the topping. This was my only mistake. Use a medium sized pan. There's a fair volume to the ingredients and if you want the breadcrumbs to toast properly, you will need a larger pan than you might think.

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Rachel Savage September 03, 2012

I am not a culinary expert by any stretch but this recipe was easy to follow and very much worth the extra effort. "Spatchcock" was a whole new word to me but...thanks to Kasha's recommendation...I found a great video on the web that took out any guesswork virtualweberbullet.com / butterflychicken.html. The only change I made to the recipe was to use olive oil as that is all I had. Also, since it's over 100 degrees here I cooked the chicken on a separate pan in my toaster oven (didn't want to turn on the big oven). This recipe is fantastic and I will use it again. Because of the extra work (not that there's a lot but my toddler gets a little impatient) I will probably use it mainly for a special dinner or when company comes. Thanks Julesong...so glad I found this recipe and your page as I can't wait to try out some of your other recipes!

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Empire920 July 27, 2006

Let me begin by saying I enjoyed the end product. It was sweet and tangy, but not too much so. I liked preparing the chicken itself in this particular manner. However, I got pretty confused with the sauce and topping. I got all mixed up about what I was doing with these two different things. I ended up just sort of combining the two things into one. I spooned the mixture onto the plate and served the chicken on top of it. None of the other reviewers seemed to have this confusion, so it might have just been me.

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tara portee May 15, 2005

This was a really good dish. A little work, but worth it. I agree, it would work for Thanksgiving. I used an almost 5 lb. chicken so I would have left-overs for chicken salad. You wouldn't believe the chicken salad it makes. A real keeper. Thanks, Julesong!

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mewmew May 02, 2005

What a completely wonderful recipe. My DH commented on how juicy it is - and he hadn't put the sauce on yet!! It sounds like it would be complicated, but it's not!!!

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Kymmarie April 30, 2005

This was absolutely incredible! I make a good chicken, but this beats the pants off anything I've ever done with chicken. The Beau got reheated leftovers and it was STILL out of this world. He asked me over and over "How was this made?" He also raved about how good it was even after the reheating, what more could you want in a chicken? Besides it doing the dishes, I mean.

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bikerchick April 26, 2005

Restaurant quality recipe here, would make a very nice Thanksgiving dinner for not too large a group. You could probably manage 2 whole chickens to feed 8, more would be hard. I'm thinking it is in my top 3 of main dishes I have ever made on zaar. The directions are excellent, spatchcocking took me 3 minutes, I timed it. Look for a video on the web if you need more explanation. A kitchen scissors is really necessary, and some muscles. Be careful, I reduced the sauce a bit to far, and put some water back in it to lighten it up again--it went really fast. I didn't have the right kind of pan to do both stovetop, then roasting, so I used a big frying pan for the stovetop, then transfered everything into a roasting pan to finish. It was just fine. I would count this as 4 servings, people are going to want a nice sized piece. The topping is just lovely, and pretty, and crunchy. Be sure to use fresh bread crumbs--take any kind of bread and whiz it up in the food processor. Dry breadcrumbs would not work. Needs to be served with basic sides, so as not to compete with the bird. I'm thinking sauteed frisée cabbage would be perfect, mashed sweet potatoes, f you want to bring out the sweet side, plain buttered carrots, nothing too involved. Just excellent, I'm so glad I made this one!

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Kasha April 26, 2005
Maple Vinegar Crispy Chicken