Maple Taffy on Snow or Crushed Ice

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 30 mins

For those of us who dont currently have snow, we will either have to wait or substitute crushed ice for this recipes. Sounds like something that could be really yummy and fun for the kids to "help" out with, although they should be supervised carefully with the hot liquid.

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  1. Pack clean fresh snow into 2 13x9 pans until dense and smooth on top.
  2. Keep snow or crushed ice outside or in freezer until ready to use.
  3. Add maple syrup & butter to saucepan.
  4. Boil uncovered on medium high heat until the syrup reaches 250 - 260 degrees.
  5. Do not stir.
  6. Remove from heat immediately and pour small strips of hot syrup on snow until pot is empty.
  7. A second person (wearing winter gloves) should roll each hot strip onto a popsicle stick or fork and leave on the snow to cool.
  8. Eat when cool.
  9. The syrup is extremely hot - it can cause severe burns.
  10. Store uneaten sticks on cookie sheets lined with waxed paper in the deep freeze.
  11. They will keep for several weeks.
Most Helpful

Just made these! I live on Phoenix so I had to make my own snow (blender style)! Thank you (merci) for posting! Delicious! I lived in Quebec and my family is still there so this was a little taste of home!

Bighank44 February 20, 2013