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I also made this to use in Mock Mcgriddle and since this reminded me so much of snow taffy I mimicked the idea by placing my silicon pan in the fridge for about 5-7 minutes before using. When the syrup was ready I removed the pan from the fridge, held it a steep angle, and let a spoon drizzle the syrup in long thin strands down the length of the pan. Worked beautifully! Not as much work as I thought it would be. Made for New Kids on the Block, a tag game.

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Julie B's Hive January 29, 2009

I made this so I could make Mock Mcgriddle. I don't think I can rank this correctly because I don't have a silicone pan. I made this as posted, but my "rods" didn't crystallize like I thought they should. Even after cooling over night, they were a little liquidy. I still used them in the Mock McGriddle Recipe though. I just couldn't sprinkle them...more like dripped them off my fingers into the batter. Made for New Kids on the Block tag.

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breezermom January 17, 2009
Maple Syrup Crystals