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Delicious! This recipe was so easy and I made it easier by using the microwave. I put about 1/4 cup water in a covered dish and microwaved 10 minutes on high. Voila! I then added the butter and Smucker's maple syrup... sugar-free for me! A nice vegetable to go along with any meal! Prepared as a participant in the Cooking Photo Forum's Special Meals Event March 2010.

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Seasoned Cook March 05, 2010

I scaled this back for 3 serves and we wishing it was more. For dietary reasons I did use a sugar free maple syrup and it was sweet enough for us (after talks with the DD she loves the real deal but it is oh so sweet and I don't have a sweet tooth so am happy with the no sugar variety). I sliced my sweet potato and I also sprayed the pan before before layering them in which I think helped with the turning and I did have a couple which were rather well done and I did find them chewy so would recommend not getting too much colour into them but then that could depend on how you cut them (slice or chunks). Thank you Sonya01, made for Make My Recipe tag game (Aussie/Kiwi forum).

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I'mPat May 28, 2012

I followed Seasoned Cook's tips and this recipe was great. I made it a day ahead and when I served it, the maple flavour came singing through. I first steamed the sweet potatoes and the skins slipped off and then added the maple syrup and butter - no thyme though. I will make this again (and again and again) as it will easily replace a much more complicated, much richer recipe. thanks.

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onadietagain October 11, 2010

This is an awesome dish. I choose to scrub the potatoes and left the peel on. The recipe was reduced by half and the potatoes were cooked for 30 minutes stirring once or twice. They were covered with foil allowed to stand for about 15 minutes. They were perfect served with Low Fat Mini Meatloaves. Made for the Aussie Swap.

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PaulaG August 08, 2010
Maple Syrup Baked Sweet Potato