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Fantastic recipe! I would not have thought to use maple syrup for a turkey, but the maple butter was incredible. Only advice I'd have is to make sure to wrap your wingtips and drumstick ends with foil before you roast the turkey so they don't blacken like mine.

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Diana J. September 26, 2015

This is essentially the same recipe I have been using for years now - it is a delicious, wonderful recipe that produces a moist, flavorful turkey and a lovely gravy. I originally found the version I use in a holiday issue of Bon Appetit (their version add a bit of apple brandy to the gravy). Notes: I use dried herbs (halving the amounts) and using real maple syrup is a must - pancake syrups/golden syrups make the gravy too sweet. I prep all of the veggies and the maple butter the day before, which makes this turkey a breeze to prepare. I have also tried this recipe on a 4.1 pound bone-in turkey breast crown, which I cooked for about 1 1/2 hours and then lest rest 30 minutes.

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HeatherFeather December 01, 2008
Maple Roast Turkey