Maple Mousse Recipe

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Total Time
45 mins
10 mins

Posting this for ZWT II - Canada as taken from Eat this with a nice cup of coffee, or tea.

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  1. Place cheesecloth over a strainer. Place strainer over a bowl. Add yoghurt into strainer and leave to drip, refrigerate overnight. There will be about 2 cups yoghurt remaining. Discard the liquid. Place yoghurt in a large bowl.
  2. In a Pot, on medium heat, reduce maple syrup until 1/4 cup remains. Remove from heat, add brandy, cool 10 minutes. Beat into yoghurt along with lemon zest.
  3. With electric mixer beat egg whites until frothy, then beat in sugar. Continue beating until egg whites hold soft peaks. Fold into yoghurt mixture.
  4. Spoon into glass dishes and serve with cookies and nice hot cup of coffee or tea.