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This didn't really come together the way I hoped it would. As noted above, this made a hard glaze over the meat. However, it came out very dry and tough. The ginger was a bit overpowering. Perhaps if the ginger was a bit reduced and this was made in a crock pot to retain the juices, it would have been a lot more flavorful.

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SoulofaJedi November 17, 2008

This is exactly like another recipe on here (109002) but it gives directions for oven roasting it, which is what I did, so I am reviewing this one. I thought it was quite good. I used pork tenderloin instead of pork loin. Unfortunately I did not have orange rind on hand so I had to do without. I will definitely add it next time as, although this was good, it was slightly bland as it was. I will also try to use real maple syrup next time to see if it comes out even more flavorful. I was wary of pork tenderloin because it kept coming out SO salty. But this was not salty at all - I figured putting a sufficiently sugary coating on it might help. I wish the maple flavor was more throughout the whole pork. Maybe next time I will marinate it or heat up leftover sauce to dip into. One last thing: For creating a tender pork, I've had better luck in the past by roasting tenderloin at 400 for 40 minutes rather than at 325. I used just a regular pork tenderloin this time and it took me 1 hr 10 min on 325. But maybe with the brushing, it needs to cook longer to baste it more. Also, cooking it at a high heat for some of it might brown the outside some more. I'lle experiment and re-comment if I come up with some better answers. Sorry for such a long review!

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Rebam98 June 02, 2006

Magnificent; though the sauce quantity could probably be reduced by 1/3. Makes a hard-glazing. Stunning flavor contrast between the sweet maple syrup and the bitter ginger & orange rind. Great eating.

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Jim Thomson January 06, 2004
Maple Glazed Pork Roast