Maple Glazed Chicken With Sweet Potatoes

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 15 mins

Another Better Homes & Gardens recipe

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  1. Prepare sweet potatoes to package directions.
  2. Lightly coat chicken with steak seasonings, heat butter in skillet, cook 5-6 minutes until no longer pink. Remove from skillet.
  3. Stir maple syrup into hot skillet and cook 2 minutes; stir in green onions.
  4. Divide chicken onto plates and drizzle with the maple syrup mix, serve with the mashed sweet potatoes.
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Absolutely fabulous!! As a single young woman, I'm just starting out and only cook for myself, but I literally ate over the skillet and had to force myself to stop after slicing and dipping 3 tenderloins. This recipe was simple (i.e. I didn't mess it up!) and flavorful, even though I did omit the onions, as well. The only thing I'd like to know is if anyone has ideas for an extra side dish and for reheating the chicken!

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This was good! I too skipped the onions. And I served the sweet potatoes baked, not mashed.

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Far more people need to try this one! OMG 2 DIE 4!! I served it with Kimkes' Mashed Sweet Potatoes (#74982) - I know I will be making this meal again and again!