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I wish I could give these more than 5 stars. They're amazing! The fact that you can use the beaters to mix the whole thing makes them so easy to prepare, and they really satisfy your sweet tooth! The frosting is definitely a must. I made these for dessert tonight, and my mom has already asked me for the recipe. I'll be making these again very soon!

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Kree October 14, 2003

Hey Jan, these bars were sooo good!! I wish I could give this recipe more than 5 stars, as that's how good they were. To spice up the bars a bit more, I added 1/2 teaspoon each, of ground ginger and ground cloves, after all, that's the other two spices found in a pumpkin pie, and since this is made w/canned pumpkin, I thought those two spices would work well in this recipe. When I made the frosting, I found I had to add 8 Tablesponns of the maple syrup, but I also think one could add 9 if need be. The next time I make these bars tho, I'm also going to add a 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of Maple Flavoring to the frosting to give it a bit more of maple flavor. I'm not sure how many nuts I topped these bars with; I just sprinkled on how much I wanted, and I lightly tapped them into the frosting with the tips of my fingers, so they would not fall off when removing from the pan. One other thing I wanted to mention here, I found this recipe makes 24 bars rather than 45. Jan, thank you so much for posting this recipe, I know my family's going to just love these bars.

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Domestic Goddess March 01, 2009

I wish I could give this more than 5 stars too! It was a perfect mix of everything (made exactly to recipe), resulting in moist, delicious, spongey bars which were beautiful on their own but the frosting made them perfect. Yummy, I can't wait to eat the rest later...

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Ozzzie October 27, 2003

Very easy and very yummy. Nice for a fall treat. I found them to be not very pumpkin-y, but are more like a mild spice cake. the frosting is out of this world. I used real maple syrup given to me by a friend who tapped it out of a tree in her yard. Special! Also left pecans off as my kids are not fans of nuts. Will make again as everyone likes these, but will probably amp up the cinnamon and add some cloves and nutmeg. Thanks for a really good one!

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Messy44 October 27, 2009

Oh - these are SO good. I agree with other reviews in that they REALLY need the frosting. The bars aren't very good by themselves. But, these bland-ish bars are the perfect compliment to the super-sweet frosting! And, the frosting brings out the pumpkin flavor in the bars. I doubled the frosting recipe, and barely covered the entire jelly roll pan of bars. Also, the bars are rather cake-ish - I'm not sure I'd call them bars. I cut mine into 2X2" squares, only got 24 servings/squares. To get as many as the recipe states (45), the squares would have to be small ( about 1X1"). Nevertheless, this is a TERRIFIC recipe! These bars are SUPER YUMMY!

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MargieS2008 November 03, 2008

FALL, FALL, FALL... Quadrupled this recipe for our dining hall--excellent response! Added more spice though--for this scale recipe--1 tsp allsoice, 1 tsp ginger, 1/2 tsp nutmeg. The frosting is the gilding. :)

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ashkani September 02, 2008

These were very good, but I did change them just a little. I read some of the reviews and decided it needed more spice so I added 1/2tsp of nutmeg and cloves. I also was a little heavy handed with the syrup. Oh, and I toasted the pecans before topping the bars... I think that is a must.

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Momma Jenny October 23, 2007

These were great but I deviated from the recipe a bit. I made them with pureed butternut squash instead of pumpkin, butter instead of margerine, added 1/2 t. each of ground ginger and cloves, and topped them off with a simple orange glaze instead of the maple. Nice delicate cake-like texture. Thanks for a good way to use up leftover squash!

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weefaith March 10, 2007

Well, I thought this was good, but I was a little disappointed with the lack of flavor. I loved the dense, moist, cake-like texture, and the maple frosting was deliscious! I just thought it needed more pumpkin flavor and spice.

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Howtex October 17, 2005

5 star recipe for sure! These couldn't be more delicious! Very moist and flavorful and easy to whip up. I made them for an after school treat since it was the first day of school today. My family went crazy for them! We can't stop ourselves from going back into the kitchen and having more! Thanks so much for posting.

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Sherri35 September 03, 2013
Maple Frosted Pumpkin Bars