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Lovely recipe - I subbed mashed pumpkin for the 1/ cup milk so added the moisture but at the same time added more vegetable !! The result is a lovely golden colour. Made for Everyday is a Holiday.

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katew July 27, 2010

Go to your kitchen and make these now and make a *lot*. Silly me, I made a half recipe which gave me 4 muffins (not the jumbo commercial size but bigger than the standard size). I promptly ate a second after finishing of the "test" muffin. To the half recipe I added a 1/2 cinnamon (simply because I'm a cinnamon addict) and some maple extract, about a generous 1/2 tsp, because I used no sugar maple flavored syrup and it's maple flavor is on the weak side and a full cup of carrot. Even with all of the baking powder they don't rise much at all so don't be afraid to fill the muffin cups right up. OH, I almost forgot! You might not need to add the milk. After eyeballing the wet and dry bowls I I thought it *looked* like it would be plenty of liquid. After stirring the two bowls and carrots together the mix was very moist and I didn't need the milk at all. They taste wonderful and came out with a perfect texture. Made for Photo Tag.

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Annacia June 15, 2010

I didn't want to rate these below a 5 because everyone else loved them and I did make a couple of changes that may have had an impact on how these turned out. I made a double batch and used half honey and half maple syrup because I didn't have enough maple syrup. I added 1/2 tsp mapleline flavouring because of the honey. I have never used allspice on its own before and maybe I just don't like it but these tasted odd. Maybe the mapleline and the allspice don't combine?? Almost a savoury muffin instead of a sweet one. I added about 1/4 of the called for milk but wish I had used all of it because they were rather dry and hard. It did make exactly 24 muffins in a double batch and they cooked for 26 minutes. Maybe that was too long but they were not browned at all at 23. I'm not sure what went wrong. Perhaps I will try again because this recipe was so well rated.

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Marysdottir November 06, 2013

These are very good. They're not like the carrot muffins you get in a donut shop. I think they're better. I love the subtle flavor the maple syrup gives these muffins. I used 1/2 cup of milk and ended up with 12 large muffins. Thanks for sharing.

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Dreamer in Ontario October 07, 2010

Yum! These are really tasty little gems, and I love that they allow me to sneak in a veggie on DS! I agree that they have a very fall-like flavor, and they are just perfect for a crisp morning alongside your morning cuppa. I used spelt and white wheat flours, and did use about half of the milk. These are really fantastic for freezing (my purpose in making them) as they don't contain fruits that become soggy after thawing. We have enjoyed these from the freezer as much as from the oven, which is saying a lot. Thanks for posting, Pink! Made for 123 hits.

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smellyvegetarian September 28, 2010

Wow, what a great recipe!
The muffins came out so moist and tasty, that everyone just gobbled them up! The carrot added a wonderful texture and flavour without being too pronounced and the maple syrup went so well with it! Mmmm!
I loved the addition of allspice as it made the muffins quite special. I think they would be perfect for a cold winters day with a nice mug of hot chocolate.
I made half the recipe and ended up with 7 nicely sized muffins. Keeping in mind your information about the milk I added it in slowly until the dough reached the perfect pouring consistency. I think I used a scant 1/4 cup, but could have used less without the muffins suffering.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this winner with us, Pink!
Made and reviewed for Everyday is A Holiday August 2010.

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Lalaloula August 22, 2010
Maple Carrot Muffins