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I made these beans to take to a work Christmas party. What a tremendous success. The maple flavor pervades and makes you want to stick your finger in the pot to get a taste. Your beans were very popular with the party-ers. YUMMY STUFF!!

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Natalie Z December 12, 2002

The flavour of these beans is outstanding; on the sweet side, which suited my family perfectly. The dish was very easy to put together, and as a bonus was quite inexpensive too. I made a couple of small changes: I chose to saute the bacon slightly before adding to the pot, to render some of the fat out. I then sauteed the onion (and some fresh garlic!) in the bacon fat, just for a minute or so, until the onion started to soften -- then added that to the pot. I also added a little extra ketchup (personal preference -- I wanted a little more tomato in it and had no tomato sauce to add). The only problem I had was with softness -- even after an extra hour in the oven (3 1/2 hours total), the beans were still a little too chewy and tough for my liking. I suspect this might have been my fault, however; in my desire not to "water down" the flavour, I added the extra bean liquid sparingly. I suspect I should have kept the beans more liquidy, particularly during the first half of the cooking. I will definitely make this again; it was quite a hit, chewy beans notwithstanding! This entire dish served my 3-person family with only a small bowl left over. Thanks for the recipe!

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Lennie December 11, 2002

The best!! Simply the best. I have a long-standing tried and true baked bean recipe. But I wanted to try something different. We LOVED these beans. The real maple syrup is the secret ingredient. This will be our standard from now on. Thanks for sharing this.

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jerri822 November 27, 2002

One of the best baked bean recipes I have tried. The sweet flavor was outstanding and suited my family's taste to a tee. The beans were tender and this served a hungry family of 5 without any left-overs. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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Michaela February 02, 2004

Our family love this recipe, a little too sweet I modified it, cut by 1/2 the maple syrup,ketchup and barbecue sauce. Thank you for sharing your recipes. Marj

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Marjolaine Lessard March 17, 2006

How about adding sausage to this recipe? I have not tried this recipe but looking forward to it. I think I will add sausage to it as this is something I do to my baked bean recipe. I will let you know how it turned out. Thanks for the recipe!

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LeKitchenQueen September 16, 2005
Maple Baked Beans