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These are really good! The maple and bacon flavor are great together. I used real maple syrup and these are just yummy! They remind me of the pancake part of a McGriddle sandwich at McDonalds - only better because they are homemade. Thanks for sharing!

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JillAZ September 19, 2006

These are SO good!<br/>First off, I love that they have no refined sugar. <br/><br/>I did a little tweaking to my own taste.<br/>First I used a gluten free flour blend, cup for cup.<br/>Then I used buttermilk instead of milk and I added walnuts.<br/>I didn't have enough oil and only used 1/4 of a cup, but this was more then enough and with the buttermilk they muffins are moist.<br/>Melted butter would also be nice and provide a lot of flavour as well.<br/>My house had a super nice maple aroma that I didn't want to go away.<br/>Next time, I will also grease my muffin tins with the bacon fat! It will add so much more awesome flavour.

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Chef Bridy August 08, 2014

The accident on the breakfast plate when some syrup gets onto your bacon...Mmmm deliciousness! I doubled the recipe, used large muffin pans, and got 11 muffins. I used 100% real maple syrup! Because of the saltiness of the bacon, definitely cut back on the salt in the recipe. It overpowered the maple and they didn't hit the sweetness I was anticipating. It's helps with maple drizzled on top! Or use regular syrup in the recipe...They are pretty yummy

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budahbellykelly July 13, 2014

I used real maple syrup and it was a little hard to detect. I wonder if it would have been different had I used pancake syrup. I didn't care for these, However,everyone that tried them thought that these muffins had the perfect texture. It was very nice to try.

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Delenn November 24, 2012

I used a combination of leftover Canadian (peameal) bacon and ham in place of the bacon and real maple syrup. So good! I wanted even more maple flavour so I adapted the maple butter from the Maple French Toast Muffins (#343112) - 1/4 cup margarine plus a tablespoon of brown sugar and a sploosh (generous tablespoon?) of maple syrup mixed together till smooth. Spread some on a warm or cool muffin - heavenly. Buttery maple taste, soft crumb texture punctuated with the chunks of slightly salty meat. Can't wait to try this recipe with regular bacon. Thanks, Swan Valley Tammi, for a keeper!

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fluffystew January 08, 2012

Good muffins!! I only had 5 slices of bacon, and I definitely think the more the merrier when it comes to bacon!! :) I used half maple syrup and half pancake syrup. They turned out beautifully and DH and 2 year old DD, my toughest critics, both liked them!! Thank you!! We'll keep this one!

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TnuSami September 25, 2006

Yum! I am always on the look out for freezable breakfast ideas and this was a nice change from the usual muffins. I made these and Erna's Apple Pie Muffins ahead and popped them into my freezer. They made serving a breakfast to overnight company easy! Thanks for sharing :)

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* Pamela * August 10, 2006
Maple Bacon Muffins