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These are fabulous biscuits! I first tried them when a co-worker made them for a contest, and she won it hands down. I made these for Christmas Day, and they were excellent. I do pass on a warning, though. If you use the built-in portion converter here at food.com, BEWARE that it DOES NOT PROPERLY CONVERT "STICKS". For the listed 24 biscuits, the recipe says "1/2 cup butter (2 sticks)", If you convert down to 12 biscuits, the results how "1/4 cup butter (2 sticks)". Yes, it still says 2 sticks. I messed up on this part, and had to toss in a bunch of extra flour. Now mind you, the resulting biscuits were fabulously buttery, but I'd have preferred to not have to figure out why I had a glob on my hands instead of dough. Also, I only got seven biscuits instead of 12, but I'm chalking that up to making big biscuits! Don't let my problems scare you off, though; this is a fabulous recipe for breakfast or brunch. Maple, bacon, biscuit, what is not to love?

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kittycatonline.com December 25, 2014
Maple Bacon Biscuits