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Kia ora! Thanks for adding this recipe :) Been looking for a good, easy to follow recipe for fried bread and yay you added it here... Nga mihi ki a koutou nga kaitunu no Ngati Tarawhai, He reka!!

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brawiri May 24, 2011

BE VERY CAREFUL - SERIOUS BODILY HARM OR FIRE DAMAGE CAN OCCUR<br/><br/>I was trying to surprise my wife by cooking a Waitangi Day themed meal and followed the instructions on this website precisely.<br/>Where things went terribly wrong was the point the recipe instructed to cook oil until blue smoke came of the pan. At this point I had a 4 foot (1.5m) flame reach out to the ceiling and our kitchen nearly burnt down.<br/><br/>I was lucky enough I was able to fetch the pan and toss it out of the kitchen into the backyard but I could have seriously hurt myself with burning oil had it splashed or in case I had tripped.<br/><br/>I would recommend putting a warning at the top of this recipe.<br/><br/>Unfortunately I didn't get to try the fry bread :-(

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mr.scul February 06, 2014

Tino pai kai! No problem with portion size here - whole lot skoffed down by family very fast - will make this again. Didn't deep fry - just used non-stick electric fry pan and some oil - still tasted great but probably not authentic.

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1kiwi February 15, 2013

Delicious recipe, very simple instructions and dough was very easy to make!!! Thank you for posting this recipe, living abroad at the mo and missing food from home so its nice to be able to make it myself. My fam very impressed :D This made loads so its perfect when you have friends& family around. The 2nd time I made it cut it down to half of the recipe which is still more than enough to feed 6 people. Thanks again xx

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tatiana_o_samoa February 21, 2010

i tried afew of the receipes on here but this one hit the right spot. I cant stop making them.

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blueeyes80 January 18, 2008

This made a LOT!! We went complaining though! The texture of this was great and the flavour was awesome. We will be making this one again... but next time, we will be cutting it down to a 1/4 of the recipe. There are 4 big eaters in this family and we could have easily eaten our fill at least 3 times. I ran out of white flour after 6 cups. So for the last two, I had to sub in whole wheat. This didn't affect the flavour of the thingies but it did affect the oil. All the little wheat bits made my oil really dirty really quickly. I plan on making sure I have enough white flour next time! We also felt that a shorter cooking time in the oil produced the best results. Thanks for submitting this gem of a recipe. It is going to go into my permanent cookbook!

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Saturn October 19, 2006

The dough was easy enough to make. I used my electric frypan and dropped my 'shapes' into the hot fat - about 4min each side. Let it cool slightly (when hands weren't sneaking them sooner!) then ate with butter and golden syrup. DELICIOUS!

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angelnz October 06, 2006
Maori (New Zealand) Fry Bread