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This is the closest yet I've come to the perfect "Mexican" rice that has been a long-time quest. I was a bit worried about the amount of oil but it gave the rice a depth of flavor hard otherwise to achieve and you drain almost all off. I used three jalapenos that had been grilled (carne asada we made on the 4th), peeled and deseeded but still plenty spicy. I'll work with this one.

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Micheline July 08, 2002

We really liked this! I put 5 hothouse tomatoes, a handful fresh parsley, the chopped onions, a few shakes of cilantro and a few jarred sliced jalapenos into the food processor and mixed it all up. I was a bit concerned if there wouuld be too much liquid for the rice to absorb, so I used a 14 oz can of beef broth because I was serving it with Deer steaks. After browning the rice and adding the tomato mixture, I threw it all in the rice cooker/steamer. I should have added the proper amount of broth because it was a bit dry. However, it could have been the steamer as it seems to overcook everything. Using beef broth worked very well, so it is a good alternative to chicken broth if you are not serving poultry. The cilantro was a nice touch and I added several jalapenos because we like very spicy. We really liked this and I will definitely make it again.

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Cathy17 January 13, 2004
Manuel's Rice