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Mensef is a very traditional Jordanian dish. The bedouins are known for their mensef. Traditionally mensef is made from "Jameed" which is a sort of solified yogurt. Made in rock form and has a very distinctive taste different from regular yogurt. Middle eastern grocers typically sell the "rock" form of jameed, which is a bit expensive, I opt for the liquidfied version that comes in a box, usually manufactured by Ziyad brand foods.Jameed is available in almost every middle eastern store here in the mid west.

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chef FIFI October 12, 2005

This is a good recipe. We wanted to try this one after eating Mansaf at a local restaurant recently. This version was delicious, but quite a bit different than the one we had before. I think as you mentioned it's because the yogurt is different. However, this still made a delicious dinner and was fun to make. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

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Shiraz December 29, 2004
Mansaaf (Spiced Lamb)