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This recipe didn't work so much for us. First my comments on what we did like best. My husband and I both loved the fennel seeds. I have never used the seeds before and I will be using them again. Such a great flavour that hits the palate. Lovely. The mushrooms are also a great addition. I wasn't able to find any ground turkey so went with ground chicken and it really didn't work well for us. I am wondering if the turkey would be much different. I have used ground chicken before and I think I should have used some salt and pepper with it as it browned. It just didn't seem to pick up the seasoning when added later. I think what I didn't like most was using the prepared tomato sauce. I think it overwhelmed the dish. I had thought about making my own but decided to stay true to the recipe. If I try this again with ground turkey I will make my own tomato sauce. Lots of potential. Thank you for getting me started on fennel seeds and thanks for sharing your recipes. Made for PAC.

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GaylaV March 27, 2011

Seriously, this recipe JUMPED out at me, TRUE! The step by step is a BONUS too! Look forward to making, doing a review! Thank you for posting and WHOO HOO! :)

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mickeydownunder April 18, 2010
Manicotti W/Turkey, Cremini Mushrooms & Ricotta Cheese