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I altered the recipe just slightly, but it turned out really well. In the end, it is easier than stuffing boiled manicotti pasta. Anyway, the crepe batter looked really thick so I thinned it out with some milk. I also added some salt to the batter. I used GF flour and the crepes still turned out well. I got 12 crepes using 1/4 c. of batter per crepe (but only 10 fit into my pan, so that's okay). The filling makes a lot, so I froze some to use in lasagna. It takes a little bit of time to make your own crepes, but it's easy and the results are delicious. Thanks!

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BadgerLuv January 04, 2010

I made this for Sunday dinner. The crepe's were very easy to make. The only thing with them was I measured my pan and it was an 8-inch pan but I found using 1/4 cup of batter made a better crepe. I still only got 10 crepe's out of the batter. As far as the filling it was very good, this was first time I've used fresh herbs versus dried. Next time I will use dried parsley the fresh over powered the flavor of the filling I couldn't taste the basil at all. Overall very good recipe. My husband loved the homemade crepes. Thanks so much I will be making this again!

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children from A to Z July 01, 2008

I have been making fresh crepes for Manicotti for over 20 years ever since working in an Italian restaurant where the grandmother was from Italy. My family adores this. They have never had the store bought kind. So...my recipe calls for melted butter added to the cold batter. It makes a big difference. The crepes are supposed to be light but spongy to soak up the sauce. My batter is definately thinner than this recipe but just as the other reader said just add more milk. I use all kinds of sweet italian sausage fillings with the fresh ricotta mixture. ENJOY!!

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lisacallens November 05, 2012
Manicotti- Cheese Filled Italian Crepes