Total Time
1hr 5mins
Prep 20 mins
Cook 45 mins

This is one of the best manicotti I have had. *Update* for once a month cooking this is perfect.

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  1. Combine the crushed tomatoes and tomato paste with water, brown sugar, oregano, basil and garlic in a large sauce pan.
  2. Cover and cook slowly for an hour, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and add 1 cup mozzarella cheese into the sauce and 1/4 cup parmesan cheese to the sauce.
  3. Meanwhile brown beef and onion in a frying pan, separating meat into chunks. Drain and add 1 cup of mozzarella, bread crumbs, parsley, salt and pepper.
  4. Cook the manicotti for about 4 minutes in hot water; drain.
  5. Place 1 cup of the sauce in the bottom of 9x13-inch pan and spread evenly.
  6. Fill manicotti with beef mixture and place on top of the sauce in the pan in 1 even layer.
  7. Add any leftover beef to the sauce mixture.
  8. Top with remaining sauce and sprinkle with 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese.
  9. Bake at 350° for 45 minutes.
  10. Let stand 5 minutes before cutting.
  11. *Update*.
  12. Leftovers may be frozen in airtight bags then reheated in boiling water or microwave after fully thawing.
Most Helpful

Made this last night for a party and it was a HUGE hit. I made one change by replacing the ground beef with italian sausage. Added just the right amount of zing and all five of my friends loved it.

Talon378 November 12, 2010

This is one of the best we have tried. It is a very nice change from the cheese filled noodles.

ethan11304 April 05, 2010

Another wonderful dish Karen. I haven't had manicotti in quite a while and this dish was very satisfying. Loved the flavor of the sauce and the meat filling. I made 12 manicotti's and had no filling leftover,with plenty of sauce to pour over. I never thought to cook the noodles for such a short time, at first I thought it was a typo then realized it partially cooks and it is finished cooking in the oven. This really prevents it from ripping apart when boiling the noodles which I always had a problem with before. Great tip. Thanks for this delicious recipe.

FrenchBunny January 24, 2009