Mangocado Pudding (Raw Recipe)

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Sounds wonderful. A raw/vegan recipe that would please kids and adults alike.


  1. Blend fruit until smooth in food processor.
  2. Garnish with coconut if you like.
  3. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
Most Helpful

Don't let the color fool you; this is wonderful! The mango gives it just enough sweetness and the avocado lends a rich, creamy texture. It was a perfect afternoon snack to keep my blood sugar steady until dinner (and keep me away from the brownies my mother-in-law brought over). I added a tiny squeeze of honey since my mango wasn't quite ripe and my avocado was slightly over-ripe. This is a really good way to enjoy less-than-perfect fruit. I will definitely make this again. Thanks for posting! Made for Veg*an Swap, March 2010.

Prose March 08, 2010

Mmm! This is a nice dessert, but also great as a snack or breakfast. Mine had more avocado flavor because I used half of a gigantor avocado, and about maybe 2/3 cup frozen mango that I thawed out. I pureed the mango first then mixed in the avocado. I topped it with some angel flake coconut and chilled for about 15 minutes before eating, it was perfect. Thanks for a great post, this is an easy winner to make over and over! Made as a recipenap for Veggie Swap 20.

the80srule March 01, 2010

I usually just dice mango and avocado for salad. It never occurred to me to throw them both in a blender. Yummy, light refreshing dessert for summer with no added sugar. Great for kids.

StickyToffee July 29, 2009

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