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Amazing!!! This is such an easy recipe! It is so good that when I was checking for taste (before freezing) I couldn't help myself... I poured a bit in a glass and drank it! Towards the end, I thought about adding a splash of dark rum and wowzer, it was good!!!

I followed the recipe, except that I didn't use grated ginger. I use ginger alot, so I always have ginger juice in my fridge (chopped peeled ginger, a bit of water in blender, then strained). So I used about two teaspoons of ginger juice. This recipe is a definite keeper. Thanks, SusieQusie!

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Jostlori May 09, 2012

So easy, so tasty. I love the ginger. I used a bit less sugar and no water. Then I ran it through my ice cream maker. Had a little extra and ran it through the blender with ice. I think I will add rum as Jostlori did.

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Ambervim March 15, 2014
Mango Ginger Sorbet ( Ice Cream Maker )