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I love scones. I love dried mango. And in this recipe I loved the combination of both. Because of the inclusion of cream and yogurt, I didn't find this dry at all, which most scones are prone to. Not this one! It made for a light breakfast, with strawberry jam.

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Studentchef May 28, 2012

These scones were so delightful! What a genius flavour combination of the exotic sour-sweet mango and the spicy wintery cinnamon and allspice. We just loved it! YUM!
The texture of the scones is fluffy and cakey with a nice crunch to the top. They baked up beautifully in the time stated and were lovely to eat the next day, too.
My only changes were to make half the recipe which yielded only 5 small scones and to reduce the salt by half. Also I added the yogurt bit by bit and after having added about 2 oz the dough was so wet that I could hardly handle it, so I didnt add any more.
The buttery topping went well with the scones and in its plainness was the perfect pairing to their complex flavours.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this great creation with us and GOOD LUCK in the contest! :)
Made for RSC #18 May 2012.

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Lalaloula May 28, 2012

I can't call them scones, Sweet biscuits maybe? The texture was more like a biscuit, I know that's similar but other scones I've had are yummier not sure how to describe the difference? My 7 year old loved them, but not my 5 year old. I did love that it's Greek Yogurt and no butter in the ingredients! They seem healthier except for the white flour and cream. I didn't have dried mango but had a bag of tropical trail mix that no one was eating. I cut up the big pieces Mango and Papaya, even the almonds. The raisins, golden raisins and cranberries and banana chips I soaked in raspberry tea that I brewed to bring them back to life. Not sure it helped the banana chips but was great for the other three. I didn't have enough Greek Yogurt so some was lite sour cream. Serving with sweet butter was a nice simple touch. I could tell My husband wasn't to fond of these but still ate them, my expectations were lower since they seemed healthier, he just knows I have made better scones- of course those had butter in them! I sprinkled Sugar in the Raw on top- I love the sparkle and crunch. I might make these again. I loved the allspice and cinnamon in them! They may need tweaking and a new name for my family :) thanks!

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newtocookingm&m January 04, 2014

At first when i was told the ingredients of the scones i was skeptic, but then i tried them, and made me a believer.Amazing flavor combinations with a pleasant chewy side because of the mango.The texture was supreme in my case, smooth and velvety on the inside with a distinct aroma of yogurt once they would reach the tip of your tongue.On the outside the texture was surprisingly crispy, with an appealing color to the eye.
All in all a great recipe that could be a great asset to your everyday diet.Use them either for breakfast,or a snack for you and your kids, or even as part of your meal.Thank you for this wonderful idea and good luck (:

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NoahBakery May 31, 2012

This was a lovely scone. I loved the use of the greek yogurt in this dish. The scones were quick and very easy to make. I ground the allspice and cinnamon fresh they were so good in this, soft delicate flavorings. The mangos were also pretty incredible in this dish, chewy and flavorful. I really enjoyed the flavored butter it was the perfect accompaniment for the scones, These tender and crispy scones reminded me of hot cross buns. Thanks for sharing your recipe which we really enjoyed. I will be making these again. Good luck in the contest this recipe was a great use of the contest ingredients.
Made for RSC #18

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Baby Kato May 29, 2012

I'm sorry to say that these didn't work out well for me. I had lots of problems getting them baked sufficiently. I actually tried to cook them longer but they still seemed almost gummy inside as if they had too much moisture. I would have made them again but used up all my yogurt and mango and didn't really like the taste enough to go buy again. I'm sorry. I'm glad some others had better luck.

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CarrolJ May 28, 2012

These got mixed reviews...my daughter thought they were more like biscuits...the taste was there but not the texture...hubby loved them...and couldn't stop eating them...they are on the chewy side...everyone loved the buttery topping and the mango flavor...made for RSC #18 contest...

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teresas May 28, 2012

I'm so sad, but these didn't work for me. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but it wouldn't be fair to leave any stars in this case. I found the dough extremely sticky, so ended up adding about 1/4 cup more flour. I also baked for an additional 10 minutes, but they still had that raw look and taste. Of course I had to taste them anyway. :) Hopefully others will have better results then I did, and you will get lots of good reviews. Thanks for contributing to the RSC Potion 18 Contest, and good luck with your entry.

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Diana #2 May 28, 2012
Mango Cream Scones