Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

This creamy fruit and coconut drink is full of vitamins. Children will love it, and so will adults. Delicious when served with a spicy curry or chilli dish. It also makes a cold and delicious treat for hot summer afternoons. Enjoy!

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  1. Refrigerate glasses 1 hour before preparing.
  2. Blend or process the water, mango(can use 1 cup mango chunks and puree them yourself), coconut cream, sugar, lime juice and ice cubes until smooth.
  3. Pour into glasses and garnish with roasted coconut flakes if desired.
  4. Serve chilled.
  5. Enjoy!
Most Helpful

Such a creamy and refreshing drink. I love the combination of coconut cream and pureed mango. I did buy fresh mango and pureed it myself, which was a really good thing. I think the lime juice added a nice zing to it, but I did leave the cocnut flakes out.

Studentchef August 12, 2012

i used coconut milk and man a little lighter for me and more ice this drink is good also you have the best drinks made for 1 zaar world tour 8

Dienia B. August 10, 2012