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Very tasty cake - not a noticeable mango flavor, but it has a nice fruity aroma and the puree makes it very moist. I made it for a friend who loves mango, nuts and cream, so I took SusieQusie and Makanani's suggestions and served it with mango whipped cream (cream, sugar and mango puree) instead of the icing. I suspect it was a little lighter, and enhanced the mango flavor. Thanks for sharing! (Update: I tried this cake again and used sweetened mango puree - the sort found in Indian groceries - instead of fresh mango, and reduced the sugar to 1/2 cup. I found that this dramatically increased the mango flavor in the cake, yay! And it gave the cake an appetizing orange color. I also swapped golden raisins for the nuts, and tried out the cream-cheese icing, and it was definitely a hit. With those changes, up to five stars for sure - I'll definitely make it again.)

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CarsonM February 15, 2006

APPLAUSE !!!! Super cake! I had 2 lonely mangoes that needed using & felt like baking today. They took on a new life in this cake! I had to cut the recipe in half since that's all the flour the pantry had to offer on short notice. I was feeling rather "tropical" so I substituted rum flavoring for the vanilla & added a sprinkling of flaked coconut. It baked beautifully in an 8" X 8" pan. Again, a shortage forced a change - the cream cheese in the icing was exchanged for 4 tablespoons of Philly Peaches & Cream cheese swirls. That creamed with 1 cup of powdered sugar was perfect(although the cake without icing is darned near perfect.) My compliments to your Granny!

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SusieQusie June 08, 2005

This was a yummy cake, and it didn't have any butter or oil in it!(except for the frosting) The older it got, the better it tasted too. I used my blender to mash up the mango, very easy. I made this for cinco de mayo. Thanks for the awesome recipe!

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Karamia May 07, 2005

love this recipe!

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Jamie D. January 13, 2016

This cake is very tasty and flavourful and easy to make. If you love the sweet side of desserts certainly it is a good choice. I added a little ginger to my garnish of apples to spice it up a bit. It is perfect for people in the tropics who have a lot of mangoes on hand in the summer. I plan to puree and freeze all extra mangoes so I can enjoy this through to next mango season. My compliments to your grandmother and thank you for adding it. Love from Saint Lucia

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luan g. July 26, 2015

I had a lot of mangos on hand so I decided to make a dessert. <br/>I didn't want to run out to the grocery store so this recipe was perfect. I did not have butter for the frosting or the nuts. I added flaked coconut on half of it just in case my guests did not like coconut and served it without the frosting. Amazingly moist cake everyone loved it! I am making this cake next weekend with other mangoes that should be ripened by then.

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Tylermegan August 05, 2013

I just made this cake. It was no too sweet but frosting help. My cake had a lot mango flavor but the only problem is that the mass is too heavy, thick. I dont know how improve it.. I used a lots of sweet very ripe mangoes. I ate it drinking milk it was good but I wont make it again.

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carandr June 01, 2013

This cake wasn't sweet nor was there much mango flavor. Can my sugar be defective? LOL The icing was good. I had to double the amount of icing. This reminded me of friendship cake sans spices. Next time, I'll just make white cake and put mango between the layers to get the real flavor of the mango and a lighter cake.

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melissawrites July 15, 2012

I made half a recipe with one mango. Loved the moist delicious cake and the wonderful frosting.

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adopt a greyhound January 18, 2012
Mango Cake