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I blender the mangos and peppers in my vita mix (blender). Then added it to the pot with the vinegar and gradually added powdered pectin while stirring.(I didn't have the liquid pectin so it had to be made different as directed from Sharon `s). Brought it to a full rolling boil then added the sugar (I used 5 cup which was plenty) all at once stirring all the time and brought to a full rolling boil for one more minute. This made 6 cups of jelly. This would be wonderful on grilled chicken or pork. I wish I planned the picture better and made it with chicken. Thanks Sharon keep them coming.

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Rita~ May 21, 2004

I got a very good deal on mangos last week, and decided to make mango jelly. <br/><br/>Okay, I made a few modifications as others did. One I found the apple cider vinegar left an after taste I didn't like, so I reduced it to 1/2 cu. I added 3/4 cu. of water and 1/4 cu fresh squeezed lemon juice. I only did 1 jalapeño, but I also added a tiny bit of green and red bell pepper, and a bit of red pepper flakes. I grated some ginger and lemon zest, and added fresh nutmeg, a bit of allspice, cloves, coriander and cinnamon. I reduced the sugar to 4 1/2 cups. I think I actually used 4 1/2 cups of mango. <br/><br/>I also coarsely blended the mango and pepper in my Vitamix. This set up QUICK! The first time I burned it (I was so mad at myself for not watching closely, but luckily enough, I had an abundance of mangos). The second time around, once it came to a boil, I reduced the heat a bit and stirred. Mine was sheeting after 15 minutes and I didn't think I needed the pectin, but added it anyway. I did water bath can this for about 10 minutes. It made 7 jelly jars (which is I think 3 1/2 cups). Really good. I think it'll be great on water crackers with camembert or another soft cheese.

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Lainey68 August 17, 2013

a friend gave me some for Christmas, husband loved it, so needed more.. I took this recipe and added another 3-4 mangos so it was not so hot. He loves it on crackers, with peanut butter, on waffles, just like any other jelly.. also mixes great with cream cheese for crackers. A tiny bit of an after bite.. but wonderful..not sure it needed the pectin, it was thick enough. I also put mine in the blender instead of chopping it up

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Ruth T May 14, 2011

I made this, using Rita's changes. I had six small jars. This is beyond delicious!! Had it on my pork ribs last night--it was wonderful. Just had it with cream cheese and crackers for lunch--even better. I'll probably make another batch or two for gifts.

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thetallons September 10, 2009
Mango and Jalapeno Jelly