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Loved this sauce and it goes so well with tuna, which is the fish I chose to serve it with. I took the suggestion of Jubes and added some sweet chili sauce to the mix. I get mine from my Asian grocery store and it has far more of kick than the sweet chili sauce from my local grocery store. It was the perfect blend of sweetness from the mango, tang from the balsamic, with a nice little kick of heat from the chili sauce. I loved how quick and easy this was to throw together and I know we will be enjoying this sauce a lot more this summer. I will look forward to trying it, with white fish fillets next time and also chicken. A winner for us Jubes and thumbs up from all my dinner guests. :)

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The Flying Chef June 18, 2009

Mango sauce was nice on fish but, it did taste a bit too vingery for me. If your are not big on vinager try adding the balsamic a teaspoon at a time and tasting it to your likeing after you add each one. 3 teaspoons might be too much if your are not big on balsamic. Will make this again using less vinager, one teaspoon only of crushed chicken stock powder and lots more corriander.

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Spyce July 11, 2008

I served this with a thai style chicken. It was delicious and a nice side with the spicy chicken. The sweetness was just right and I will make this again because it is so easy to throw together. If I wasn't having a spicy main dish, I would also be tempted to throw in some chopped hot chili. This is way better than store bought mango chutney! This is going into my summer rotation for grilled chicken and fish.

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A la Carte May 27, 2008

Made this recipe as is & served it over chiken breasts, brown rice & a broccoli/cauliflower combo! Very easy to put together, & tasty, too ~ All a major plus! Interestingly, I hadn't thought about freezing mangoes, but certainly want to try that as well! Thanks for posting your great recipe! [Made & reviewed as a kidnapped recipe in the Aus/NZ Recipe Swap #16]

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Sydney Mike May 16, 2008

This is an exceptional and tasty low-fat topping for a light fish such as Tilapia or Cod - would be good on Snapper too. The mango/coriander connection is a treat for the tongue, and keeps the fish moist from oven to table. I served with white & wild rice, and small frenched beans, with a rose wine accompaniment. I like the fact you can make the sauce ahead. I wouldnt change a thing

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Maple February 18, 2008
Mango and Coriander (Cilantro) Sauce -For Fish or Chicken