Mango and Chicken Salad With Buttermilk Dressing

Total Time
25 mins
0 mins

Originally found this in a chicken cookbook, wish I could remember the name. Changed up the dressing a bit. This makes a lovely entree on a hot summer night.

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  1. Cut the chicken breasts into 1 inch cubes and put in a large bowl with mangoes and lychee nuts.
  2. Add red peppers to a pan of simmering water for 1 minute to blanch; remove from heat, rinse and drain.
  3. Add the peppers to the bowl with chicken and fruit.
  4. Combine all ingredients for dressing in a second bowl; season with salt and pepper to taste.
  5. You can do the steps above earlier and finish the salad off just before serving.
  6. Combine the chicken, peppers and fruit with the dressing.
  7. Create beds of lettuce on serving plates; scoop dressed salad into the center of the plate.
  8. Enjoy!