Mandarin Turmeric Rice

Total Time
5 mins
15 mins

I don't usually like mixing fruit with savoury dishes but this recipe caught my eye, it's even simpler to do if you throw the rice & turmeric in the rice cooker and then stir through the remaining ingredients at the keep warm stage..

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  1. Boil water & add turmeric & rice, boil until rice is tender.
  2. Drain the rice & gently stir in remaining ingredients.
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Easy easy! Nice flavor. I made it with diced mangoes and loved that! I also sauteed the shallots which added depth. thanks for the basic recipe. It can be varied in so many ways. Ivy

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So easy! What can I say, it really doesn't get any easier, and you enjoy a colourful taste sensation. The mandarins are not at all over powering, just a hint of sweetness, and the cashews area wonderful addition, I served this with stir-fried veggies but I would happily eat it just like that, as well. Would go beautifully with creamy Thai curried chicken or shrimps, as well. I stirred in some chopped fresh coriander as well, we like coriander! Thanks, Mandy, for a really nice recipe! NB, I didn't use 8 cups of water.... I cooked the rice in the microwave, so just went for the usual 2 cups water to one of rice, ratio, that works for me. so it may have given me a slightly different texture, but it was very good!