Mandarin Pepper Rice Salad

Total Time
15 mins
0 mins

The first time I saw this salad I thought "Yuck! Mandarins with peppers in a rice salad?' But I'm glad I tried it. It is so tasty and refreshing. The original recipe used only 4oz rice, but I doubled it. You have to play around with the amounts of the ingredients to see how you like it. But give it a try. You'll like it :)

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  1. Cook rice until done (I use brown rice).
  2. Immediately mix with the other ingredients.
  3. Put in fridge for at least 30 minute Taste and adjust seasoning.
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This salad is so good. Instead of onion I used 2 green onion. I used only 1 can of mandarin, 6 ounces of light mayonnaise. And no sugar cause I liked the taste as is. Thanks Bellinda. Made for PRMR tag game :)