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Loved the seasonings! Fairly easy but did not understand what to do with the last 1/2 cup oil so did not use it. I don’t think I flattened them thin enough, so I ended up flipping them to get both sides done. Served with North African-Style Stewed Chicken, Stir Fried Carrots With Mango and Ginger, and Stir Fried Carrots With Mango and Ginger. Thank you littlemafia for posting. Made for Unrulies Under the Influence while traveling through NA*ME during ZWT6.

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WiGal June 10, 2010

The flavour of the topping is great. I changed ours to be gluten free so I can't speak of the bread part since it didn't turn out perfect. I used the basic idea with the addition of an Arabian white cheese chopped fine in the topping. I used previously made za'atar, the olive oil and onion. DD1 (4 years old) and I loved it. DH didn't try because I had wrapped the bread in a clean tea towel and not a BREAD(?) towel to stay soft!!! (Gluten free bread may get hard easily)

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UmmBinat February 19, 2012

"What do you want for lunch today?" "Oh, I don't know. Maybe we should Manaquis Bil-Za'tar." "Yes, good call. Let's Za'tar." lol...Made for A-NZ Reunion Tag.

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gailanng November 04, 2011

This was very good! I scorched a couple of the rounds in the pan, so next time I'll have to watch the heat a bit more closely, but other than that, these were very easy to make. I don't usually make bread by hand (I use the bread machine instead), but I did this the old fashioned way and had great results. It took a bit more kneading than I expected to get my dough smooth, but it did finally achieve a very nice texture. I served these with roasted chicken and sauce, and the bread was perfect for wiping up those last bits of sauce on the plate. The seasoning was great- very herby from the thyme, and a bit tart from the sumac. Thanks for a great recipe!

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IngridH September 18, 2011
Manaquis Bil-Za'tar -- Thyme Bread (Lebanon -- Middle East)