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I am giving this one star due to the poor - missing - instructions. I have never rated a recipe poorly before, but am so aggravated - being in the middle of the recipe at the moment - that it's getting only 1 star. My issues: 1. Ingredients lists 1 cup water. Instructions never make reference to this. Assume I add it when adding the TVP? 2. Instruction #4 refers to a 'prepared pan' - assume this means sprayed with Pam??? 3. Instruction #5 says to 'sprinkle half the soy cheese blend...' - there is no instruction regarding the soy mozzarella. I am assuming it's to be grated, but what's this about a 'blend'??? Is it supposed to be mixed with something that the ingredients list doesn't include? 4. I just went to your website to check this recipe's instructions there. Very different, hmm? That version lists only a half cup of TVP (vs this recipe's 2/3 cup) and says to soak it in 1 cup of hot water. It has only 1/2 tsp salt vs this one's 1 tsp. That version lists a mixture of soy mozz and parm, this one only lists soy mozz. Your site's instructions say to add the soaked TVP to the cooked veg - seems like soaking is kind of a critical step here? I am hoping this recipe comes out ok since the soy mozz cost $8 alone. I will be avoiding any recipes from this chef in the future.

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FanciMcG May 23, 2009
Man Friendly Lasagna