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This soup is fantastic! I always thought I HATED Gazpacho, but this proved me wrong. I made it in the blender, and the 3rd cup of broth didn't fit. I forgot to add it later, so ate it w/o all the liquid. It was nicely thick and full of taste. I wonder if the 3rd cup of liquid would have resulted in a watery consistence? No matter what, it was SO refreshing and flavorful, this will become a standard summer meal in my house from now on!

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JWS August 03, 2013

Serve this soup icy cold and it really beats the heat. I also added a little white pepper, and served it with tomatoes and almonds as recommended; think I'll try a little cilantro next time. And, obviously, a nice crusty loaf of bread to dunk in it wouldn't do you any harm. Thanks for posting!

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l'ecole July 21, 2011

This was so easy to make, and a nice, fresh tasting soup. I topped it with diced avocado and chopped smoked almonds. It was a little salty for my taste, and I cut the salt in half. Maybe my broth was salty, but in any case, next time I won't add extra salt until I've tasted it. I also doubled the garlic, as I love garlic. I served it with Guy's Chop Chop Bread Salad and it made a very nice, Summery meal. Thanks for sharing!

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Julie F September 14, 2009

Ooooooh, this is incredibly good! Wow! To the soup mixture (which I prepared 24 hours in advance), I added white pepper and substituted white balsamic vinegar for distilled white. Used Nancy's plain yogurt for part of the full fat sour cream. Used all the toppings except for the avocado and added a little bit of red onion for garnish, too. If you don't like cilantro, I'm certain basil would taste delicious with this soup. Next time I would like to sub lemon cucumbers for standard for a little change. Tip: Add 1 ice cube per serving to keep soup chilled while eating. Added to my Book #36246 cookbook! Cannot wait to prepare this soup again! Thank you for posting the recipe! PS I didn't even miss the croutons on top! ;) cg Photo coming soon!

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COOKGIRl July 14, 2009
Mamma Caye's Gazpacho De Blanco (White Cold Soup)