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My grandmother used to make these cookies using this same exact recipe when I was a little girl. When she passed away, I thought the recipe was lost. These are awsome cookies - I've never had any better.

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Terie December 06, 2002

This recipe is exactly like my Swedish Grandmother's. They are wonderful.To make these easier to prepare, I have a small star attachment to my cookie press, and because of Carpol Tunnel Syndrome, I found a press that runs on batteries, that has a large star. I stick (with some dough) the large star to the small star and line it up so the dough will come out of the press as a small star. It works! Now I run long S's, and cut these at about 2 1/4 inches, and put ends together. There are presses on the market that have the small star, and if you don't have a problem twisting the dough out, it can still be done, doing the S's, instead of trying to press out each individual shape. They also look more homemade. You can add food coloring to the dough, so they will look like wreaths. I hope this helps. This is the way my Grandmother use to do it. Happy Holidays. Barbara

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Barbara H December 18, 2002

These were pretty good cookies, although they didnt come out of my press very well...also a first time using a press, so maybe I dont know how to use them either, but I added another 3/4-1 cup flour (which still didnt help it come out any easier), and they were SO good. They were gone before I had the other batch in the oven, and by the 3rd batch everyone was just eating them cuz they tasted good. LOL Thanks for the recipe!

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~*Miss Diggy*~ October 14, 2002

These cookies came out o.k. I just found them a little too crumbly and kind of tasteless. (no offense) I guess it's because I'm Cajun and not Swedish though.

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CajunGurl November 08, 2003
Mamie Eisenhower's Swedish Spritzbaaken Cookies