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If you get frequent canker sores, there's a good chance it's your toothpaste. The sulfates used to make the foam can cause them in those predisposed. After reading this in a magazine (I think Ladies Home Journal), I swtiched to Toms' of Maine sulfate free with fluoride about 8 years ago. I have only suffered a canker sore a handful of times since then from too much acidy foods. I used to get them almost every month since I was a kid. My dentist suggested I use ACT Restoring, too. I haven't had a cavity in almost 4 years, and he said I have one of the best set of teeth out of all his patients.

Alum is great in the short term, but look into changing toothpastes for long term relief. I get it at Whole Foods. Make sure to get the right one because Tom's makes lots of kinds.

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Kiko November 01, 2012

I finally tried this. It instantly soothed my painful sores on my tongue. However, it only lasted for a short time and I had to reapply. But it was worth it to get a little relief. I just dealt with the nasty taste, rather than drink water after and chance washing it off!

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WI Cheesehead July 20, 2010

My mom used to make me use this when I got mouth ulcers as a kid and even though I only get them once a year as an adult, I still use it. It may sting a bit, but it dries them up in just a day or two and lessens the pain overall. A GREAT remedy!

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CandyTX October 28, 2007

As an immunocompromised mom, I'm always looking for tips for myself and my family to minimize the 'extra' chemicals in our environment. I've gotten ulcers since I was a kid, but now I get huge (dime-sized!) ones that can take 7-15 days to heal, even with 3-4x daily salt treatments or whiskey treatments. I mentioned this to my doc and he said it is safe, and I now have a jar stocked, ready for the next round of painful buggers! =)

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SeaDawn August 25, 2007

I've used this before but I had forgotten about it. My son gets these now and then and really couldn't find anything at the drug store to help. Only things I have been able to find was a cream for the outside of the mouth. Thanks for posting. I wish I could find more of these remedies somewhere. The old fashioned homemade remedies my grandmom use to make always worked.

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litldarlin March 23, 2007

I had a small ulcer starting when I tagged this but my son had a really bad crack that became an ulcer just inside his lips so I thought I'd give it a whirl...worked like a dream! We put some on right before bed and he woke up this morning and was so excited because it was gone!!!!

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startnover January 24, 2007

Alum works. It is wonderful. When I was little I had canker sores. My mother used rock alum because that is what we had then. She wet it and rubbed it on the sore. It is very bitter, but it worked. I never rinsed it, but kept spitting in the sink till the bitter was gone. She didn't want me rinsing away what she had rubbed on the sore, but I didn't swallow it either. I don't know if they still sell rock alum, but I do know they sell a container of powdered alum. This works also and it works very well. Try it.

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Mimi in Maine December 09, 2006

My fiance has been singing the praises of this recipe for years now! This is a tried and true recipe. He finds that some times he does need to repeat it the next day. And in the worst of cases, a third day. I am so glad that you posted it to share with the world! Thanks Mama!

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Saturn December 08, 2006

When I was young and had a canker sore,mom would always take me to the drug store and the drugest would take a cotton swab and apply something to my mouth.It always worked,but he wouldnt tell us what he used.I always wondered if it was alum by the taste.Now I know! Thanks

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kansbaker December 05, 2006
Mama's Mouth Ulcer Remedy