Mama's Mouth Ulcer Remedy

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This is an old remedy for those painful little ulcers you can get in your mouth. My little sister used to get them every time she ate spaghetti, poor baby, and that was her favorite dish.

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  1. Wet a cotton swab (q-tip) and dip it into a container of alum.
  2. Apply alum to the ulcer in your mouth.
  3. DO NOT swallow! It will taste awful.
  4. I just hold the lip as far out as I can and then rinse the alum off. It only needs to be on there for a few seconds.
  5. Now get something to get the nasty taste out of your mouth! You deserve it.
  6. It might taste like he double hockey sticks but it works like heaven. Your pain will be GONE!
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If you get frequent canker sores, there's a good chance it's your toothpaste. The sulfates used to make the foam can cause them in those predisposed. After reading this in a magazine (I think Ladies Home Journal), I swtiched to Toms' of Maine sulfate free with fluoride about 8 years ago. I have only suffered a canker sore a handful of times since then from too much acidy foods. I used to get them almost every month since I was a kid. My dentist suggested I use ACT Restoring, too. I haven't had a cavity in almost 4 years, and he said I have one of the best set of teeth out of all his patients.

Alum is great in the short term, but look into changing toothpastes for long term relief. I get it at Whole Foods. Make sure to get the right one because Tom's makes lots of kinds.

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I finally tried this. It instantly soothed my painful sores on my tongue. However, it only lasted for a short time and I had to reapply. But it was worth it to get a little relief. I just dealt with the nasty taste, rather than drink water after and chance washing it off!

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My mom used to make me use this when I got mouth ulcers as a kid and even though I only get them once a year as an adult, I still use it. It may sting a bit, but it dries them up in just a day or two and lessens the pain overall. A GREAT remedy!