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This is a great recipe for meatballs and sauce, although I might make a couple of changes next time. I found the sauce had way too much oil in it, which got even greasier after adding the meatballs. But the flavor is great, so I would just reduce the olive oil next time. I used crushed San Marzano tomatoes, which you can't go wrong with. I did not spray the baking sheet with anything but sat the meatballs on some nonstick aluminum foil on the baking sheet. They actually exuded quite a bit of grease as well. There really is quite a lot of cheese in these meatballs, which you can adjust if that's not to your liking. I ended up with 24 meatballs, which I added to the sauce when they were done. Definitely a crowd pleaser! Thanks for sharing.

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JackieOhNo! January 18, 2012

This makes fantastic sauce and meatballs. Our whole family loves it. I have frozen the leftovers to use later, and it worked great. I use a bit less olive oil in the sauce, still tastes great.

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Chocokind February 16, 2010

This recipe is the best. The only suggestion I would have is to turn the meatballs halfway thru. Mine burned (but I think it's because I didn't use enough olive oil on the baking pan, and also my pans are old. Other than that, awesome recipe. As a kid in NY, my friend's mom used to make meatballs and sauce every Sunday, and this tastes identical. I did make special effort to get the freshest ingredients, and it definitely paid off.

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Payen February 23, 2009
Mama Maroni's Meatballs and Sauce