Mama Leone's Chicken Soup

Total Time
1hr 15mins
Prep 25 mins
Cook 50 mins

I don't know what saint at Elephant's Deli decided to share the recipe for this soup, but they go on my list of people to be grateful for. I've lightened it up a bit, but the flavor's still teriffic. This is one of my favorites!

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  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Season chicken breasts with salt and black pepper to taste and place on a baking sheet. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove from oven and cool.
  2. When cool enough to handle, dice the meat and set aside until needed.
  3. While the chicken breasts are baking, heat the oil in a large stockpot over medium heat. Add the butter and melt. Saute the onions and celery until the onions are translucent, about 6 to 7 minutes.
  4. Add the garlic, tarragon, oregano, paprika and remaining 2 teaspoons salt and 1/2 teaspoon black pepper. Cook, stirring, for 3 or 4 minutes.
  5. Add the flour and stir until well-combined. Slowly whisk in the chicken broth and bring to a boil.
  6. Add the tomatoes and cream. Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes.
  7. Add the reserved chicken breast and simmer 10 minutes more. Just before serving, stir in the spinach.
Most Helpful

I gave it 5 stars because I made my own chicken stock in my pressure cooker. It's the best stock ever and all the soups I make come out so delicious. The store bought stuff will not give you the flavor for this soup and it won't taste like the soup at Elephant's using store bought.

banditsma November 16, 2011

I made this recipe in the slow cooker...added all of the ingredients except tomatoes, cream and spinach and let it cook for about 8 hours while I was at work. When I got home, I added the tomatoes, cream and spinach, topped it with a bit of fresh Romano cheese and served with Italian bread. It was so delicious and so simple using the crock pot.The chicken came out better in the slow cooker than cooking on stove top because it just shredded apart when I served it. I used all ingredients the recipe lists except the oil, which wasn't really needed. It turned out just like the original! Delicious!!

kcapano November 28, 2011

Very tasty soup, seasonings added a lot of flavor. I added some egg noodles and it went over well with the family.

Minxkat1 January 01, 2014