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This makes a HUGE HUGE amounts of delicious donuts. Donut holes, actually. I make a version like this for Chanuka, but this recipe is rich in cream and eggs and butter. I had started dropping the dough into the hot oil by the teaspoon-full, but with the large amount of dough I could see I was going to be there all day, so I started using a tablespoon. That was much better, as there was plenty of rich, doughy inside as well as crispy outside. I served some of these with powdered sugar, but my kids had some for breakfast, some with maple syrup, some with honey, and one Dornette shmeared Nutella all over hers. Next time I'm going to halve the recipe, or double it, this is perfect for a party!

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Mirj May 25, 2003

This recipe is not the traditional recipe for making 'Malasadas'. This one is actually a quicker and shorter version. The traditional version is more labour intensive, requiring 1/2 to hour of kneading the dough with your hands, letting it rest and rise. Using your hands dipped in milk to prevent the dough from sticking, grab chunks of dough, stretch using fingers and dropping it in the hot vegetable oil. It has been years since i have had this type. Cant wait to try it myself.

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lpc2007 December 29, 2013

grew up in new bedford ,ma. mallassadas are huge similar in size to the fried dough you get at carnivals. never seen them little like you mention but i've eaten so many i'm pretty sure the ingredients are about right. i'll try them when the kids come to visit

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donna8686 February 02, 2004

I halved the recipe and (using a larger spoon) came away with easily two dozen BIG donuts. They were fluffy and tasted great. The only reason I gave them 4 stars was because there were so many holes much of the inner donut was saturated with oil, not really what I was looking for. Still it was an excellent effort and enjoyed by many.

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Narshmellow December 10, 2003
Malazadas (Portuguese Doughnuts)