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I always used to buy the oatmeal packets, but being that I eat oatmeal pretty much every morning for breakfast, I run out quickly and those little packets are expensive (not to mention more sugary than I'd like). So, I loved the idea of making my own oatmeal packets!! I usually mix the quick-cooking oats with soy milk, then add different mix-ins, depending on what I feel like! I've mixed in: apple butter, honey, cinnamon, peanut butter, granola, dried blueberries or other misc. fruit, banana, apple, chocolate chips...it's so fun to experiment and much more versatile than the same flavored packet every morning! Thanks!

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QueenQT26 February 18, 2007

Here, I can't get Quaker, just plain oatmeal so I have been making it the same way. Sometimes I add a banana.

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littlemafia October 21, 2009

Our oatmeal lover/pickest eater ever says that this is "Great!" We didn't add the nuts or raisins this time, but may next time. I also used a little 7-grain oatmeal mixed in with the quick cooking oatmeal for additonal nutrition. May also trying adding powdered dry milk to the mix for more protein. Thank you for saving me money with this recipe!

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MommaEllen March 17, 2008

So healthy and easy, I would have done this ages ago if I had known I could. I added some flax seed meal to boost the nutritional value and used the Splenda Brown Sugar Blend to cut down the sugar.

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dtgadgetgirl February 04, 2008

Fantastic! I made a batch of this for my 2-year old DD. She won't eat anything other than oatmeal for breakfast, and actually gets mad at you if you try to give her something else. I poured just slightly over 1/2 cup in each of 11 ziploc bags, and put a heaping teaspoon of dried blueberries in 6 of the bags, and a heaping tablespoon of raisins in the other 5 bags. This isn't really much cheaper to make when you use the dried blueberries, but the freshness of the ingredients and lack of chemicals and control you have over the product, far outweigh the cost. I am happy to give this to my daughter for breakfast, and she just loves it! This will be what I use from now on, instead of the prepackaged variety. Sorry, Quaker man. :)

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Kay D. December 05, 2007

We really enjoyed this oatmeal, so much fresher tasting than the packaged instant oatmeal. We added a few canned sliced peaches and raisins with a dusting of cinnamon and nutmeg. So good!

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lauralie41 February 19, 2006
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