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I made these for dinner tonight and we ate them all up! These were yummy and I love the fact that I can freeze them! Thanks for a very lovely way to fix taters!!! I used Neufchatel cheese(1/3 the fat of cream cheese).

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Sharon123 March 25, 2003

Brilliant! I added some chopped up broccoli to the filling and they came out wonderfully both fresh and cooked from frozen

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Herb-Cat January 28, 2011

Awesome! I used sour cream instead of cream cheese to keep the mixture from getting too stiff. I made these for my kids and husband this weekend and even picky, food snob, restauranteur dh LOVED them. Trust me, that is unusual for him. I had made some chili earlier in the day and tucked a heaping spoonful chili in a few shells before filling them with the potato mixture and my goodness they were out of this world. The chili filled taters didn't make it into the freezer, but I'll have to try to get some in there the next time I make them. I'm sure they will reheat just fine.

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UrbanYogaMommy November 16, 2009

Yumm!! These were excellent! I made a few changes though. I drizzled olive oil on the skins and lightly salted w/ kosher salt. I left out the cream cheese. I mixed in the cheese w/ the butter and milk. I also ommited salt and pepper because I'm cutting back on salt and not a fan of pepper. With the cheese and butter and salted skins you don't miss it.I sprinkled with a little cheese on tops last 5 min. of cooking. Love this!! I cannot buy twice bake frozen potatoes in my town and have been looking for a good freeze ahead recipe!!!

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onceandagain January 04, 2011

Oh these are go good and look so gourmet!!! My family thought I was amazing when I set these on our table. I did add some chopped crisp bacon in with the potato mixture but otherwise followed the recipe. I did bake right away, but plan to take a day to make a bunch and freeze and we all loved them. Thank you for sharing this great potato recipe with us.

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mommyoffour October 02, 2010

These are very good and worth the work. I had a 10lb bag of potatoes and used them all for this. I am glad I did too, because these go fast. I did not use the cream cheese in the mashed part of the potatoes, because we don't care for the taste. Everything else was exact. This is a winner! Even the ones who don't like baked potatoes loved these and went back for more. Now my kids beg to have these as our side dish. Thanks for sharing.

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5hungrykids September 09, 2010

Thank you, this recipe is yummy and easy. Reminds me of raffle chedder cheese chip, but the potatoes are fulling and wroth making thanks love them so much

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whoopytooties August 30, 2010

This is a very easy way to have something great in the freezer! My family loves them! I have even made different kinds and have several in the freezer. One of our favorites is to stir in sauteed leeks and bacon. SO good! Just leave out the cream cheese and just put a little cheese on top. Fresh parm is good as well! Very versatile recipe! THANK YOU!

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kidsluvmommysfood March 12, 2010

These are great. I waited for bakers to go on sale, bought a boat load and spent a Sunday afternoon making them. These are so easy to take out of the freezer and thaw for dinner, or even for lunch. I did learn that they "sweat" a lot during the thaw, so put a folded dishtowel under them as they go through the process. Great idea, Beachgirl.

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ToiCara November 01, 2007

Now that the hard part is done and there are a bunch in the freezer, (well, minus the ones I wanted to try right away), I can say that these are really good! I also used Neuftachel cheese, and I agree that next time I'd add the cheese into the mix. They were missing just one little thing that I'll add next time - maybe a little parsley or some garlic or both. Still, a great recipe that I know I'll make again, even if the whole scooping and refilling is a bit of work up front because it's so worth it to know that these are on hand whenever I don't want to work so hard to enjoy one. Also, really such excellent instructions. You covered it all, and that is much appreciated because my guessing isn't always so accurate since I'm still pretty new at cooking ahead, too.

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Maggie, Cooking September 03, 2007
Make-Ahead Twice-Baked Potatoes