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Lawdy, you don't need my review, because clearly this is a recipe made in heaven, but I wanted to gather the children, put out the dogs, and bring everyone to the table on this one. I do make my own gravy, and don't usually have trouble with it, but the perfection of this recipe is two-fold, one ~ you can do it prior to Turkey Day, and when cooking for vegans, and non-vegans alike, I could certainly use some time saving recipes. And this is it! I made this and used the first amount for our dinner, which included homemade mashed taters. I did/and loved it! Oh man, I honestly, truly, most definitely, love this. However, it's so dang hard not to devour the turkey wings post taking from oven. Thanks for posting such a perfect recipe, I did NOT change one thing.

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm November 16, 2011

11/11/2012 I have made this every year for the past five years when I found this fabulous recipe. This year I did make to changes which I will continue to do in the future. One is a used a whole chicken (cut up) instead of turkey wings since I couldn't find at store. Secondly instead of thyme used poultry seasoning. Made a great recipe even better. Made chicken salad with chicken which was great since it had cooked with the veggies. Awesome!
11/2007Thanks, Rae! Wonderful, rich, gravy. Was enjoyed by all this Thanksgiving. Lifesaver for ease of making. I roasted the carrots with the wings and onions. Excellent, can't express how good this was.

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Vicki in CT November 11, 2012

I also have the original recipe, torn from the magazine. It really does make delicious gravy. I saw a previous reviewers hint to use poultry seasoning instead of the thyme and that sounds like such a good idea. The thyme just never tasted quite right to me. Never thought about poultry seasoning...duh...one of my favorite spices!

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marla75013 November 16, 2012

I've been making this gravy for years. I still have the original recipe I cut out of womans day magazine. This is practically foolproof, makes a TON of gravy and is delicious. If you're a nervous person when it comes to making gravy, try this one. I can pretty much guarantee great flavor, no lumps and a happy family. :-) Plus, the Turkey wings can be a great snack when you finish the cooking part or they are wonderful shredded up in the gravy.

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JanetB-KY November 16, 2010

This recipe is excellent! I make it every Thanksgiving. As a matter of fact, when the recipe first came out I wrote a letter about it to Woman's Day, and they published my letter. :) Love this recipe! My tip for this recipe: To strain the broth, I have a big colander with small homes, and a bowl that is bigger than the colander. I put the colander inside the bowl and just poured everything into it. The broth strained right into the bowl and the vegetables stayed behind.

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jenjie June 20, 2008

Rae, I just made this gravy today and it is so good. I hate making the gravy just prior to Thanksgiving dinner so was thrilled to find your recipe. I've tried other "make ahead" recipes but ended up throwing them away and preparing the gravy just prior to our meal. When I saw this recipe and saw where it called for actually "roasting" the wings, I felt it was worth a try. And I'm so glad I did! When my turkey is done on Thanksgiving Day, if I have some nice dark juices, I'll add them to the gravy (but it's so flavorful now that it really doesn't need any extras.) I hope more people will try this -- I'm sure they will appreciate having one less thing to do on "the big day". I did add some celery to the the broth as well as some fresh rosemary, sage and thyme. I meant to throw in some parsley, but forgot! Thanks, Bobbie

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Bobbie November 19, 2006

Excellent and a BIG timesaver. I needed a big batch so upped the ingredients a bit. The stock gelled nicely in the fridge and left only a small amount of fat on top. I used this fat and a bit of butter to make a roux with the prescribed flour and then wisked in the last 2 c of stock- worked nicely. I fine-tuned the thickness with a tbsp or so of starch(tapioca) prior to serving. Perfect.

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SpicyDoc December 25, 2005

I discovered this recipe a few years ago, and it has been awesome. Making the gravy and mashed potatoes the day before gives me the ability to spend more time with my family and guests on Thanksgiving day! And a lot less pots and pans are needed on the big day.

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microdogdi November 21, 2015

Glad to be able to save time on Thanksgiving, but this recipe actually takes much longer to make than advertised. More like 4 hours, plus chilling overnight. It does taste like turkey, but is pretty bland. I added salt and thyme to the finished product.

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alisoncnc November 21, 2014

Excellent, excellent dark brown gravy. This was a huge hit with the family and friends. Make sure that your pot is big enough when you are making the roux....I should have used my stock pot! Mine spilled over making a huge mess of my stove and I lost about 1/4 of my gravy!!! Hubby raved and raved about the taste, so that is saying a lot! I I did add a little bit of hot sauce to enhance the flavour. Kudos on the find and thanks for posting!!!

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Abby Girl October 14, 2014
Make Ahead Turkey Gravy